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NIXY Landing Mat

PERFECT SIZE – 142” (360cm) x 57” (145cm): Length of the mat allows easy handling of all equipment. Can sit 4-6 people if used as a mat at the beach.

DURABLE, COMPACT AND LIGHT - The NIXY Landing Mat can protect your iSUP, scuba gear, or any other equipment on any surface. Pack down into a small portable bag (9” x 7” x 3”) to stow away conveniently. Lightweight less than 1lb.

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL –Bring it to the beach, camping, lawns, and even hiking to protect all your valuable belongings. Take it anywhere for any use, even as a cover/shield. Simple design with corner pockets and loops to accommodate stakes.

SUPERIOR QUALITY- Triple stitched, heavy duty 100% Ripstop Nylon for maximum strength and durability.

SAND PROOF AND WATER RESISTANT - Clean off the sand and dirt effortlessly as you watch it slide right off by giving it a few shakes. Fast drying will help make packing the mat a quick process.

As low as $39.00
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NIXY Landing Mat

BEST Beach Mat

Keep your paddleboard clean and free of scratches. Useful for inflatable paddle boards, kayaks, scuba equipment, camping gear, etc. Folds into a small size and fits into the carrying bag. Use to protect your valuable iSUP from getting dirty or damaged on hard, rocky or messy surfaces.


Colors: Three vivid colors in Aqua, Blue, and Green
Material: 100% RipStop Nylon
Mat Dimensions: 142” (360cm) x 57” (145cm)
Bag Dimensions: 9” (23cm) x 7” (18cm) x 3” (8cm)
Weight: 1.20 lb (19.2 oz) Extremely Lightweight
Pockets: Four Built-In Weight-able Corner Pockets
Loops: Four corner loops to accommodate included stakes