NIXY’s Advanced Fusion Technology

fusion tech paddle board

NIXY Introduces Advance Fusion Technology to its 2018 product line

Inflatable Paddleboards have come a long way in a short period of time. NIXY’s G2 models with Advance Fusion Laminated Drop Stitch, has moved into a light weight, durable and stable inflatable paddle board that feels and looks so great you could mistake it for a hard board.

Fusion Laminated Drop Stitch is recognized as the industry’s leading construction process for High End inflatable stand up paddle boards.

Fusion technology uses only one base cloth layer, that is sealed or “fused” using Liquid PVC creating a reinforced material that is water and airtight. Thanks to this new process less layers are required eliminating the need of a hand laid PVC layer to the outer core fabric.

Lighter than traditional drop stitch material Fusion Laminated Drop Stich allows for a smoother finish that you can see and feel. The Fusion technology not only allows for weight reduction, but for a stronger and stiffer board that performs better even at lower inflated pressures.

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