NIXY Inflatable SUP “Venice 10’6” gets buoyant with

NIXY inflatable SUP “Venice 10’6” Gets Buoyant with

Water has inspired many fun and healthy activities: surfing, bodyboarding, skimboarding, wakeboarding, and, of course, stand up paddleboarding. And at the top of the list is our NIXY inflatable SUP !

What separates paddleboarding from these other water sports? Buoyancy. A paddleboard is much more buoyant than, say, a surfboard or wakeboard, especially an inflatable SUP.

As a result, paddleboarders can stand up while stationary. Also, paddleboarders do not need to maintain a constant speed in order to continue standing. Finally, paddleboarders can enjoy the sights and sounds without worrying too much about falling off their boards.

Buoyancy is good! 

For more buoyancy, think Nixy Venice ISUP. Our Nixy inflatable SUP Venice 10’6″ is our most buoyant, stable stand up paddleboard. Great for Yoga. Great for beginning paddleboarders.

Check out the extraordinary features that spotlights in their review:

Material: Very durable high-pressure double layer drop-stitch PVC material with Fusion Laminated Dropstitch to create a stronger, lighter and stiffer board.

Best Suited For: Yoga, fitness, cruising on lakes, river and ocean. Also great for beginners and for bringing dogs or kids along for the ride as it is nice and stable.

Pros: Very stable, ultra light weight, portable, quick to inflate, front bungees for storing gear, lots of D-rings, comfortable soft traction pad ideal for yoga, easy to maneuver and turns quickly, side paddle holder, comes with great accessories.

This is a board that anyone could paddle no matter your experience level. It is a comfortable ride and ideal for fitness.

Read the complete review here:

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