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NIXY iSUP Electric Pump with Digital Display

  • PORTABLE AND POWERFUL High-pressure pump for inflating stand up paddle boards, inflates up to 20 psi for rigid SUP boards
  • INCLUDES Carrying bag, 12-V cigarette lighter plug-in, optional 12-V battery cables and flexible, non-kinking hose with H3 nozzle
  • EASY TO USE Electric Pump, Adjustable auto-shutoff stops the pump once a selected pressure is reached
  • UNIVERSAL Works for all NIXY Paddle Boards and many other paddle boards and iSUPs on the market
  • WARRANTY: 90 DAY WARRANTY which covers everything outside of normal wear & tear. We've got you covered

Pump will not perform correctly at altitudes above 3000 ft. Not recommended for use in high altitude.


NIXY Electric Pump for Inflatable Paddle Boards


High-pressure pump for inflating stand up paddle boards. Inflates up to 20 psi for rigid SUP boards.

This portable, high-pressure, electric car pump is an inflatable SUPper’s best friend. Plug it in, set the PSI, then kick back and crack open a drink while the pump does all the work. The pump increases the boards pressure in it’s first stage, then automatically kicks into stage two to top it off to your selected PSI. You’ll roll out and hit the water faster than ever before.


90 DAY WARRANTY covering everything outside of normal wear & tear. 



Icon Easy to use, just select the PSI you need and the pump automatically stop when the iSUP reaches the selected setting.1
Broad range of pressure setting, inflate from 1 to 20 PSI.
Fast two stage low to high pressure inflation to prevent overheating.
Hi-Volume air flow for quick inflation or deflation.
Sturdy construction, ideal for outdoor use.
12-V cigarette lighter plug-in or extended alligator clips cable for longer reach and convenient use with car battery.
Dimensions: 11.6” (29.5cm) x 5.3” (13.5cm) x 6.3” (16.0cm)
Lengths: Hose – 4’4″ Power Cord – 10