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NIXY Paddleboard Carbon Fiber Paddle - 86

  • 100% Carbon Fiber
  • Adjustable 3-Piece
  • Anti-Twist System
  • Blade with ABS Edge
  • Blade Size 86 sq inch
  • Ideal for paddlers under 145 lb
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NIXY 3-Piece 100% Carbon Fiber Paddle - 86

Here at NIXY, we are always working to unleash the adventurer in you. Whether you prefer to relax in calm waters or escape to an exotic location, our paddles are the perfect tool to help you explore the world and take you to the next level of paddling. Our revolutionary Pro Series paddles are constructed with 100% 3k or 12k carbon fiber, are lightweight, portable and accented with bamboo to allow you to broaden your horizons and glide through currents with ease and speed.

They are ideal for exploring waters all over the world and embarking on all your adventures, big or small. Whether they lead you to sparkling blue lagoons in a foreign land or to relaxing in your hometown bay, NIXY is here to help you embrace your free spirit. There’s never been a better time to begin your adventure! 


Our high performance 3-piece 86-square inch blade Pro Series paddles are made with 100% carbon fiber, and are adjustable for ease of travel and storage, also equipped with a slim fit 26 mm shaft, they are easily handled by those with smaller hands, perfect for children and young adults. Equipped with an anti-twist T-grip system to ensure the handle remains in place during use, and with an ABS Edge on the blade to ensure maximum durability. 



Available in two style options, 3K Carbon Fiber and 3K Carbon Fiber with bamboo veneer accent on the blade, these paddles are made for users between 95 and 145 lbs and are designed to have less impact on shoulders than a larger blade, ideal for long distance paddling. The 86-sq inch paddle is ideal for adventurers that are interested in long days out on the water, exploring new sights from sunrise to sunset. 


Ideal for paddlers under 145 lb
Finishes: Two finishes to choose from 3K or Bamboo
Construction: 100% Carbon Fiber
Anti-twist adjustable clamp system
Blade with ABS Edge reinforcement
Dimensions: 175 cm - 215 cm
Shaft Diameter: 26 mm
Blade Size: 7 in
Blade Angle: 8 deg
Blade Area: 86 sq in
Weight: 20.5 oz / 581 gm