What our inflatable stand up paddle board comes from . . .

Located in the heart of Orange County in Southern California, NIXY specializes in the design and manufacturing of the best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. We take inspiration for our design from the beautiful beaches of Southern California and name our iSUPs after the most iconic ones up and down the coast. Our inflatable stand up paddle board competes at the highest level for great reasons. Outstanding quality, competitive prices, 2 year warranty, and FREE shipping to the entire continental US.

We offer inflatable stand up paddle boards for any skill level that are all easy to take from your house or car to the lake or bay.


One of the most popular beaches of Southern California, Newport Beach, inspires our “All Around” Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. Designed for just about any user, it offers great stability, speed, and ease of use. Just like the popularity of Newport Beach, our “Newport” inflatable stand up paddle boards are our most popular.


Manhattan Beach is a beach Southwest of Los Angeles and is known for its competitive volleyball culture. Inspiring our “Touring” inflatable stand up paddle board, we strove to design a board that could compete in paddle board races or take you on long journeys. The 12’6” “Manhattan” inflatable stand up paddle board is perfect for taking NIXY with you across the globe. Made of the same high quality materials as our other iSUPs, you can comfortably move at higher speeds with less effort. If you are a more experienced paddle boarder, then this iSUP is for you.


Finally, located directly West of Los Angeles, Venice Beach is home to the most beautiful sunsets and boardwalks. Our “Yoga” inflatable stand up paddle board is designed with that beauty in mind. Our “Venice” not only offers a unique design from our other inflatable paddle boards, but it provides the most stability and comfort. It’s 34” width is what makes this inflatable stand up paddle board the best for beginners. And if you are experienced, use our Venice inflatable stand up paddle board for Yoga!

Our practical and elegant design . . .

NIXY’s Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards are designed with you in mind. From the fins to the bungee system, our paddle boards let you carry everything you need with you while you paddle your way on adventure.

  • The unique internal 6-inch triple layer drop stitch core, makes the NIXY Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards more stable than the common 4-inch inflatable boards you can find around. Increased thickness equals increased stability and buoyancy for the rider.
  • Our non-slip EVA traction pad, keeps you on your feet and in position while riding.
  • We positioned the inflation valve on the front of the board to make the folding and deflating of the inflatable board easier and faster.
  • All NIXY Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards come with tool-less removable bottom fins. You can easily adjust depending on what kind of performance you are looking to get from your paddle board in the water. If you want a faster turning reaction, only use the main center fin. If you want a more stable experience, we recommend using all three fins.
  • All NIXY Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards come with 2 standard D-rings. You can attach our light and portable NIXY Kayak Seat, turning your iSUP into a comfortable sit top kayak. The seat is easy to attach with two quick clips to the board’s D-Rings and it’s designed to be very comfortable while providing lumbar support.
  • Our Bungee System just above the traction allows easy access to gear or a water bottle.
  • All NIXY Yoga Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards have a front lateral bungee cord. You can attach your paddle during your iSUP Yoga practice, leaving the surface of the iSUP free of clutter while you practice your flowing movements.

High quality materials . . .

What are our inflatable stand up paddle boards made of? Only the highest quality PVC, EVA Traction pad, and Advanced Fusion Technology drop stitch material available on the market. To explain some more, inflatable paddle boards have a stitching inside them that helps give the iSUP its shape as you inflate it. It holds the top and bottom of the paddle board together giving the stability of the board when inflated to the recommended PSI.

Our incredibly comfortable traction pads are made of EVA which is the industry standard for traction pads on any surfboard or watersport board. The exterior of NIXY’s iSUPs are made with the highest quality PVC, making the iSUP look, feel and perform fantastically. With these high quality materials and our confidence in our manufacturing, we offer a 2 YEAR WARRANTY on all of our inflatable stand up paddle boards.

What makes NIXY the most advanced paddle board . . .

Our innovative Advanced Fusion Technology uses the best materials and craftsmanship to engineer the inflatable stand up paddle boards we sell. Fusion Laminated Drop Stitch is recognized as the industry’s leading construction process for High End inflatable stand up paddle boards.

Fusion technology uses only one base cloth layer, that is sealed or “fused” using Liquid PVC creating a reinforced material that is water and airtight. Thanks to this new process, less layers are required eliminating the need of a hand laid PVC layer to the outer core fabric.

Fusion Laminated Drop Stitch is much lighter than traditional drop stitch material. Our boards now only way about 17lbs! It also allows for a smoother finish that you can see and feel. The Fusion technology not only allows for weight reduction, but for a stronger and stiffer board. It performs better even at lower inflated pressures.

fusion tech inflatable stand up paddle board

So much more than just a paddle board . . .

Guess what? When you purchase an inflatable stand up paddle board from NIXY, you get a ton of awesome accessories. We have the BEST carrying case on the market for our paddle boards. A three wheeled back pack that you can carry across the sand or roll along the parking lot. There are plenty of pockets and storage space for all the other accessories and more. You can take this bag on a hike to a remote destination and have everything you need.

The other accessories included are a two-stage pump – which is great for filling up your iSUP way quicker than any single-stage pump can – a coiled leash – keeping your inflatable stand up paddle board safely within reach – a paddle, fins and a repair kit. These accessories are all you need to get started on an awesome new NIXY iSUP.

Why Inflatables?

With all these wonderful options, you might be thinking, why would I want an inflatable stand up paddle board in the first place? There are so many reasons! It is too easy to take our inflatable paddle boards from your garage, to your car, to the water. And in no time, have your NIXY iSUP pumped up and ready for fun on the relaxing water. Hard boards are a different story. They are much heavier, compared to NIXY’s iSUPs at 17lbs. Also, you must find a place to store it and somehow get it to the water. And that can be hard for many people if they only have a sedan.

Even putting our boards away is easy. Wipe down the board, roll it up, and put it in the bag. That’s all it takes to be on your way home after a long day on the water.

Our reviews speak for themselves. NIXY’s Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards are just outstanding.

What are you waiting for? Life is an Adventure, find your balance with the Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards!

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