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Travel for a Healthy Life

Want to work towards being healthier? Travel! Travel for a healthy life and your own well being. When was the last time you took your inflatable SUP and explored new waters? It may not seem important but we’re about to tell you why it may be a priority. Studies have shown that traveling the world […]

Wakesurf with an iSUP in 4 Easy Steps

HOW TO WAKESURF ON AN iSUP IN 4 FOUR EASY STEPS Would you have imagined it possible to wakesurf on an inflatable SUP? It sounds crazy….but it’s the crazy fun kind! The best part about it is that anyone can do it with no limit to age or specific skill to enjoy this lively activity! […]

iSUP Yoga – Interview with Wendy

AGE IS JUST A NUMBER IN THE PADDLING WORLD Today we introduce you to Wendy because she has taken on iSUP yoga like a pro. Wendy is the inspiring 60 year old grandma and yoga instructor from the beautiful seaside town of Clevedon, UK. Since Wendy was little her ‘need to feel physically free’ brought […]

Randy Brandt Takes Us Camping with an Inflatable Paddle Board

Journey Camping with an Inflatable Paddle Board Lucky for us, we have another great story to share with you all. This time around Randy decided to paddle to his campsite with whatever would fit on the inflatable paddle board. We can’t get enough of these iSUP adventures as Randy details another epic trip. His stories […]

iSUP Wakeboarding

iSUP Wakeboarding with Your Loved Ones Wakeboarding you say? Yes, specifically iSUP wakeboarding. You may not get off the water and do those cool tricks and turns but you certainly can go iSUP wakeboarding. Who knew?! Well, this one family from Orange County did and we were lucky enough to get their incredible story. Let […]

Paddle Boarding with Children

Paddle Boarding with Children is Easy By now you’ve probably read it all and think oh, another blog about paddle boarding with children. But what sets us apart from the rest is the mere fact that we give a simple, yet effective, step by step guide to taking your childen onto a SUP with you. […]

iSUP Adventure Across the Country with Randy Brandt

Taking yourself on an iSUP Adventure We recently had the pleasure of tagging along on an iSUP adventure across 7 US and 2 Canadian National Parks. It is all thanks to Mr. Randy Brandt of California through an exclusive interview. Randy brought the NIXY Newport G2 through his trip towards Canada. He paddled in the […]

What are the Health Benefits of Stand Up Paddle Board?

people enjoying paddling on nixy isups

Since 2013, Stand Up Paddle Board has been ranked the fastest growing outdoor activity, with the most first-time participants. It’s easy to figure out why! It’s a fun & easy workout with outstanding health benefits and the perfect family activity all year long. After a paddling session, you will always feel FANTASTIC, so what are you waiting for? Give it a try, […]

Yoga on an Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board ?

yoga on stand up paddle board

Why trying Yoga on an Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board ? Just Imagine yourself, floating on top of the water on your Yoga Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. Surrounded by nature while doing a great workout. Sounds great, right? This outdoor activity will charge you up with positive energy and in addition, fill you up with a […]