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Ultimate Beginner's Guide to SUP

Ultimate Beginner's Guide to SUP

New to stand up paddle boarding? HobbyHelp has put together a very comprehensive guide for beginners that we think you should check out.

Click Here: Beginner's Guide to SUPing

Have questions about how to set up your NIXY iSUP? We are in the process of making videos to let you know exactly how to prepare your board for the open waters. Find them in our blog in the near future! Here at NIXY, we think that paddle boarding is one of the best ways to have fun and exercise. It is always awesome to find bloggers who care about recreational exercise just as much as we do. Read HobbyHelp's article to learn about the basics of paddle boarding. And after reading their article, come back to our site and shop our inflatable stand up paddle boards. They offer a portability that makes having a hard board sound like a hassle. Also, you can carry them on your back, making it too easy to carry from your car to the water. We think you'll love our boards and all of the places you'll see with them. Check out our products HERE

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  • Hey, I have never paddle on sup board. Im 6 ft and 165 lbs. Dont have feeling to choose right board for me. Can you recommand me a board ? I prefer lakes and rivers.
    • Hi Marko, Thank you for the comment. We would suggest the NIXY Newport G2 iSUP (link below) for your height and weight. It's a very stable board for beginner paddle boarders. Please contact us at chat@nixysports.com should you have any further questions or concerns. https://www.nixysports.com/product/newport-all-around-inflatable-stand-up-paddle-board/
  • Just came through your blog here. Great job done so far. Especially for the beginners like me. Actually, I was looking for the same article and tips. Thank you buddy!

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