“We want to thank you for becoming part of the NIXY family. You are part of our success and your adventures inspire us, making us thrive to constantly improve and give you the best iSUP experience. Don’t forget to continue to share your time on the water with us and the rest of the world by tagging your photos #nixysports.”     Enjoy the outdoors!


Over the past 15 years our family has camped and scuba dived on Catalina Island, Ca. Renting kayaks was the norm for carrying our scuba gear and enjoying the island. About 5 years ago we started noticing the stand up paddle boards. We then began renting them not only on Catalina but anywhere we could find them. Our family enjoyed the paddle boards so much that we knew that purchasing one was the next step. In searching for one to buy we had a hard time finding one to match all of our requirements. It had to be portable, light weight, high quality and look good too. Since we couldn’t find one to fit these requirements we decided to make it ourselves. And NIXY was born.


Our biggest motivation is to help make the inflatable SUP world become an easy, portable and FUN activity or workout that anybody can enjoy and take anywhere.


Our product philosophy is simple, we build boards we want to paddle. NIXY was born out of our passion for paddle boarding and exploring the outdoors anywhere in the world. We needed a high-quality resistant board that was affordable, light and easy to use, so we made them just like we needed them. You could say that our boards are part of us!


We love being outdoors and as Southern Californians, SUPing is just part of our life. We are passionate about this sport and to meet so many amazing people out there sharing the same passion is a great source of inspiration! We have found that people that love paddle boarding have a passion for life that is contagious. We feel fortunate to be a part of this amazing community!