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About Us



Over the past 15 years our family has gone camping and scuba diving on Catalina Island, CA. We typically rented kayaks to go scuba diving as we explored around the island. With each passing year we took notice that more people were using stand up paddle boards. It intrigued us as it looked like great fun, a unique approach to a full body workout and a better way to venture out that you normally wouldn’t be able to on land. From that point forward, we rented a SUP wherever we went. Our family enjoyed it immensely and we knew we had to purchase one of our own. As we began our search for a SUP we noted our preferences, however, there wasn’t one board that fulfilled our wants. We were searching for a portable high-quality light weight board that was also stylish. After thorough research and exhausting our options, we asked ourselves “Why don’t we make a durable light weight portable board?” What started out as conception of our own ended up being what others out there wanted as well. That is how NIXY’s inflatable SUP was born and the spread of joyful paddle boarding we experience today.


Our objective not only with NIXY but also in life is to influence others to take on adventure, boldness and a sense of fulfillment. This is our desire of sharing with all the physical and mental benefits of paddle boarding.

NIXY was created out of our passion for paddle boarding and exploring the outdoors all over the world, and for that we require high-quality products that we can trust. Thus, our approach is simple:  IF WE  WON'T USE IT, WE WON'T MAKE IT.


Here at NIXY, we believe in all things surrounding outdoor activities and stand up paddle boarding is sure to be our favorite. As Southern Californian residents with access to many beaches, bays and lakes our desire to paddle board is constant. The people we meet and stories they’ve shared are the inspiration to our success. Other’s love for paddle boarding and passion for life is contagious which has us striving to improve our products. We are honored and fortunate to be part of this amazing community!

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