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Inflatable Stand UP Paddle Board

NIXY 10’6” Venice Yoga ISUP Review by Inflatable Stand-Up PaddleBoard World

This yoga ISUP is awesome. Not only does it look great but it is super comfortable and stable for all types of fitness activities and especially ideal for yoga.
The 34” width provides lots of room and stability for all different poses.
The extra soft traction pad feels very comfortable to stand, kneel, or sit on.
The bungees up front allow you to secure a PFD and store your essentials but are far enough up front not to get in the way of your poses.
The side bungee paddle holder keeps your paddle safe and off your board so there is more room to do yoga.
The shape and design allow it to cruise nicely through the water when paddling. Although this board is not fast, it feels solid, stable and easy enough to paddle. It is perfect for cruising around lakes, ocean bays or calm rivers.
The colors and design best of all make it really stand-out. You can choose from purple, turquoise, pink or gray to suit your style.

Specs For The NIXY Venice

10’ 6” long
34” wide
6” thick
weighs 30 lbs.
can hold up to 400 lbs.
Material: Durable and strong drop-stitch PVC
Best Suited For: Yoga, fitness, cruising, families, paddling with dogs, anyone who needs a board that can hold a lot of weight

Pros: Very stable, nice design and color options, bungees for securing gear, bungees are further up front allowing more room for yoga poses, soft comfortable traction pad, comes with good accessories, 3 removable fins for versatility, 10 D-rings, paddle bungee holder

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NIXY 10’6” Newport ISUP Review by Inflatable Stand-Up PaddleBoard World

The NIXY Newport is another great board that offers good value for the money. This is a versatile inflatable SUP that is easy for any person to paddle and comes with some great accessories.
The NIXY inflatable stand-up paddleboard was listed as one of the top 10 gadgets to take on your next trip by USA Today in an article from March 2016.
Besides being very portable it is well made, stable on the water and ultimately fun to ride. It also comes with a very functional backpack carry bag making it easy to take anywhere.

Specs For The Nixy Newport

10’6” long
33” wide
6” thick
weighs 25 lbs.
can hold up to 270 lbs.
air pressure: 12–15 PSI
Material: Drop stitch PVC

Best Suited For: All-around board can be used on any type of water. Also good for yoga and fitness.

Pros: Stable, quick and easy to maneuver, good traction pad, bungee system up front for securing gear, lots of included D-rings, 3 removable fins, comes with very functional backpack and 3-piece paddle

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... this board a couple of weeks ago and absolutely love it. The folks at Nixy were very responsive ... by Sara Kiley - Amazon Verified Purchase

Ordered this board a couple of weeks ago and absolutely love it. The folks at Nixy were very responsive and I had my board within a couple of days of ordering it. I did a bit of research before I bought this and I don't think you can get out on the water on a paddle board for any less than what this is priced at because it comes with everything you need to use it out of the box. My spouse ordered a more expensive board from a different company and there is no discernible difference in quality. I've tried fiberglass boards as well and the Nixy inflatable feels more stable to me. I have also tried carbon fiber paddles and I can't tell much of a difference, if any, between those and the paddle that came with this board. Not saying it's not slightly heavier, just not enough to notice a difference to me while I'm paddling. Long story short, I am very pleased with my purchase and would definitely recommend this board.

Great all around board by hillbilly - Amazon Verified Purchase

This is a very stable board that is easy to steer, paddle, and carry. Went out with it initially on a windy day on the lake with plenty of chop and I did not have the slightest of issues tracking or staying on the board. Paddle is nice, albeit a little heavy. The backpack is great! It is set up more like a suitcase with shoulder and waist straps, but getting the board in and out is really easy. There are also straps to break down the 3 piece paddle and attach them securely inside before closing it up. Pump is one of the better ones I've used and the leash was a nice added bonus.

As an all around board, you cannot go wrong. I will note that is does not glide as well as some I have been on, but it is not a touring board and is 33 inches wide, so it's not built for that. For everything else, I would say this board should fit your needs.

This is a great paddleboard. I have traveled with it several times ... by MPizzo - Amazon Verified Purchase

This is a great paddleboard. I have traveled with it several times so far and it still works good as new. I did a lot of research before purchasing this paddleboard and I am pleased with my purchase. It has rings for a canoe​ seat (which I plan on purchasing) and is very stable without being too bulky. This is my first board, so I wanted one that was very universal so I could do yoga and cruise.

NIXY paddle board comes in a nice package by Amazon Verified Purchase

Great paddle board. Well made. Stable paddling platform yet tracks well and is fairly fast. Strap on pack was pulling apart but NIXY replaced the pack with a new one in just a few days. I will buy another board from them when ready.

Great customer service by Stacey Sternburg.

I live in Washington State and visit Lake Wenatchee very often with my family. Last year we saw lots of people paddle boarding, so after renting one, I fell in love with the sport. Right before the holidays, I started my search all over the Internet, looking for a good compromise between quality and prize. I emailed several paddle board websites to find more info and I was impressed by the customer service of NixySports. They really cared about what was the best board for me instead of selling me the more expensive (wrong for my level) board that I "thought" I wanted. After they answered all my questions and concerns, I ordered a red and White 10’6” Newport iSUP as my Christmas present. I am so happy with it! Even that we are in the middle of winter, I've been able to use my board several times. It is so much more than I expected from an inflatable. Starting spring, I will give that YOGA iSUP a try as well. Looking forward to a great year with my NIXY iSUP!

This one takes the cake! by SWest

When I received my NIXY paddleboard, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and vibrant colors of the board and the accessories it came with. I’ve used other inflatable paddle boards but this one takes the cake. This isn’t your average inflatable water toy, this is a sturdy and rigid paddleboard that can support up to two people. The materials are rock solid and the seams where the paddleboard is put together are of high quality. What I like about it is I don’t need to purchase an expensive roof rack for my car to haul the paddleboard around. I can just throw it in the trunk of my little Honda Civic anytime I want to use it. Assembling the paddleboard was really easy and quick compared to others. It took about 10 minutes to be up and running. My wife is also pretty short, so being able to adjust the paddle was also a bonus. I recommend inflating the paddleboard to 15 PSI for the best experience. The pump and all of the accessories fit nicely in the carrying case. It came with everything I needed to get started. Additionally, the company’s customer service was great and they were able to answer all of my questions and ease any concerns I had. All in all, my experience with the NIXY paddleboard was awesome and my expectations were exceeded. We really had a great time with it and we can’t wait to use it again!

Amazing paddle-board and accessories! by EGiner

This is an amazing paddle-board!, I like the quality and the colors of the board. I have used it for over a week in the ocean and on the bay. It is super stable, durable and exactly as described. The bundle has all you need so I didn’t have to shop for any extra accessories. The leash has proven very useful when paddling on the ocean. This is hands down the best inflatable stand up paddle-board that I have used! I highly recommend it for people with small storage or cars due to its versatility. Great price as well!

Plan to buy a second by Colleene

Absolutely love it! Plan to buy a second in the near future so we can go out as a family instead of taking turns with my kids. It is very sturdy, easy to pump up, and great quality! I love the fact that I don’t have to carry a huge board on top of our small car.

Very Happy by Jeff

I have used this NIXY board 15 times. I put over 12 hours on it in a four-day span. I was glad to see that holds air well and I have never had to refill. One thing I did not realize before I purchased it, is that the board is 6" thick. After trying a 4", I prefer the 6" because it’s more stable. I have kayaked using the kayak seat. I like the versatility of this board. The bungee rack in the front has been awesome for holding the life jacket/flip-flops and water. The removable fin is great for rivers. Overall, I am very happy with this product!

Convenient if you need to travel by Robert

I have never paddle board before, so I was not sure what type of board I needed. After a long exchange of emails and great “human” support, I decided to purchase this board. I live in San Diego and travel to Mexico 6 months out of a year, so I really wanted a good board to learn on, plus tough enough to use every year I'm there. The first day I put this board in the water I knew I made the right choice. It handles great and the stability is wonderful. It is very easy for me to carry to the beach by myself and it is extremely well built and easy to inflate. I love this board and will absolutely buy another one for my kids.

Amazing by Brandon

What an amazing paddleboard!!! I have used it several times in the ocean and the bay. It is stable, durable, and exactly as described. The bundle has all you need so I liked I didn’t have to shop for all the accessories, specially the leash, that has proven very useful when paddling at the ocean. This is hands down the best inflatable stand up paddleboard that I have used! I highly recommend it for people with small storage or cars. It is so versatile!

Great product! by George

Got my board last week, loved the colors and the quality. Took it out every day for a whole week and just loved it. I was on pretty choppy water and I thought it was fun, took them across a lake on a 3-mile round trip in some chop and had a blast! The price is great. Each board cost me exactly what it would cost to rent 10 times where I live. Great product!

highly recommended by Scott

This is a beautiful, durable stand up paddleboard. I needed inflatable because the hard epoxy board it is too heavy for me to carry on an off the car or to the lake/beach. After much research and shopping around I decided on the NIXY board. A friend of mine had bought one and let me try it; I was sold on the first five minutes! When I emailed the company with many questions, always got a fast & friendly info.

Perfect by Richard

I bought my board not so sure about how sturdy it would be an inflatable paddleboard. I was really impressed! I love the fact that if you are going to use it for several days at a time, you can just keep them inflated and put them on top of your car to take them back and forth. It behaves great on choppy water. Haven’t tried in the ocean yet. Only the marina by my house, but I am looking forward to all the experiences that I will live on this board.

great for kids! by Alexandra

We bought this model for my 12 year old, with the condition that he would have to be able to put it together by himself. We are amazed how easy and fast it was for him to learn how to do it and put it together. He loves it! We have used it a lot and now my 9 year old is learning how to use it. A great family toy!

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